When Respect Ends - The Style Dies


Above the peaks of the eastern snow mountains,

in the heart of the lotus flower, white clouds float high in the sky.

There comes to me a vision of my teacher.
Again and again am I reminded of his kindness,
Again and again I am moved by faith.
Following in your footsteps,
I pray to you to come and bless me with your grace.


Family Tree


Protector of Chinese Martial Arts

Protector of Chinese Martial Arts
Kuan- Tai
  Founding Father of Sao Lim Kung Fu
Paatje C. Faulhaber
Sek Koh Sum

Kun Tou

Sifu Rob Faulhauber
Kun Tou
Sifu Jimmy Bax

Sao Lim Hood Gar Pai

Sifu S.B. Lee